Southern Festival of Books

Looking forward to a beautiful fall weekend of books, food trucks, and downtown fun in Nashville at the Southern Festival of Books:

Memory, Museum, Muse: Poems
Bridgette Bates, Patricia Waters, Sandy Longhorn
Saturday, October 10, 11:00-12:30 pm
Conf Room 3, Nashville Public Library

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Poetry Society of America’s “In Their Own Words”

Thank you to the Poetry Society of America for including me in their lovely about-a-poem series:

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Publishers Weekly says, “Each poem in the collection gleams like marble statuary”!!!!

Recently, Publishers Weekly reviewed What Is Not Missing Is Light:

“Bates, in a debut collection of untitled prose poems, meditates on statutes, Greek mythology, museums, the oceans, motherhood, and femininity. She begins by examining her primary subject, “a statue, an inescapable she,” and threads together her diverse array of subjects with a singular and piercing focus. Bates is transfixed by the role of museums; the statues and the experience of being in the museum space work as a stepping-stone for self-discovery: “A cemetery/ a sea/ a museum// Places where the body floats free in a buried form.” The poems are reflective and inward-looking; she writes, for instance, “We are all survivors of ruin. And isn’t ruin beautiful because it has survived?” Often, however, this intimate excavation of self adopts a distant, detached, and clinical tone. So while the poet can feel far from her work, the poems’ authoritative coolness perfectly reflect the quiet museum-going experience; each poem in the collection gleams like marble statuary. Bates’s writing is taut and elegant, without superfluous ornamentations. But she is also a witty writer concerned with the genealogy of language and its implications, proclaiming, “If the plural of marble, marbles, is slang for sanity, then what does it mean to get lost in a room of marble statues?” Bates’s thoughtful poems offer a new means of exploring art and origins. (Nov.)”

Spring Readings

Before I take a non-existent spring break, I’m excited to have a few readings on the horizon this spring. One in Minneapolis with fellow Rescue Press authors as part of an off-site event at AWP, and two coming up in Los Angeles.


Next Sunday, I’m reading at Alias Books with poet Catherine Theis. Alias Books in Santa Monica is L.A’s oldest used bookstore. Should be very fun and casual, with the sun setting into the Pacific behind us.

March 29 at 4:00 pm
Alias Books
1650 S. Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025


Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

And then on Sunday, April 19th I’m very excited to take part in the LA Times Festival of Books at USC. I’ll be reading on the poetry stage at 4:30. Of course many other wonderful programs throughout the day and very family friendly. No tickets are necessary for the poetry stage. More info on all these readings on my events page.

Poetry Bestsellers

For the second month in a row, over at Small Press Distribution, What Is Not Missing Is Light has made January’s bestselling list along with the good company of fellow Rescue Press comrade, Lauren Haldeman’s Calenday!

SPD Poetry Bestsellers

January 2015