What Is Not Missing Is Light Now Available!

From What Is Not Missing Is Light:

“My first heartbreak,” North American Review, Spring 2015

“A cemetery, a sea, a museum,” “In a hotel in Northern Italy,” “Now that I am half-awake,” “If she was stolen from her home,” “Regarding restitution,” and “Thousands of centimeters rush,” PEN Poetry Series, October 2014

“Fact: There is a meadow” and “See the blue jays threatening,” jubilat 25

“In the Gallery of Antiquities,” “Twenty years ago a pile of dried leaves,” “There was a flood in my hometown,” “Regarding flood risk,” “The mythological sculptor Daedalus,” “When the Tokyo subways were attacked,” “My favorite museum is in a house,” “Before a cow kicked over a lantern,” “First: A Celtic tribe settles,” “I am composing a poem,” “Regarding afterlife,” and “When she does not respond,” VERSE, June 2014

A statue, an inescapable she,” Boston Review, April 11, 2013

“When I was a child,” Rhino, 2013

“Like a work-in-progress,” “Click: There I am as a child,” “The Greeks began corrupting,” “A review of my memories to date,” “Paris of Parisians,” and “I want her,” Interim, 2013

“It is summer,” Fence, Summer 2012


Other Poems Online:

Torso of a Female Figure (1),” “Torso of a Female Figure (2),” and “Torso of an Unknown Soldier,” Boston Review

Other Poems in Print:

“Torso of a General,” Seneca Review, Volume 41/1

“Flood Watch,” Spinning Jenny, Number Eleven

“Fragment (Forearm)” and “Fragment (Bruise),” Denver Quarterly, Volume 45, Number 1, 2010

“Torso of a Discus Thrower,” “Torso of a Wrestler,” and “Torso of Apollo,” Notre Dame Review, Number 27, 2009

“Refusal to Voyage” and “The Divine Room,” Portland Review, Volume 55, Issue 1, 2008

“American Fables,” LIT, No.13, Fall 2007

“Manifestoes of the Neighborly,” American Letters & Commentary, Eighteen

“Status of Allegory,” Colorado Review, XXXII/3, Fall 2005

“Broadside/1 November” and “Broadside/12 November,” The Canary, 3

“Rounds of His Isle” and “Dust Us Down,” Cutbank, 61, Spring 2004

“Castlebody Lifting” and “Forkline Lifting,” Mid-American Review, Volume XXIV, Number 2

“It Is on a Big River” and “The Olympic Room,” Third Coast, Fall 2003

“Moat Pieces,” 3rd Bed, 8, Spring/Summer 2003





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